Crawlspace Inspection Rover

Loaded with features!  The CIR combines all the greatest performance and technology to bring you the best looking and functioning inspection robot on the market at an unbeatable price!

Why choose The CIR?

The best inspectors use the best tools!

Each and Every part on this Inspection Robot has been thoroughly researched, chosen and tested for both it's superior performance and preferred adaptability for this platform.

Combining the wide tracked stance, time proven chassis, and custom made 3Dprinted body, this machine is made for durable, reliable performance. Upgraded speed controller and drive gears give lower speeds and higher torque which provides increased control and maximum maneuverability in tight crawl spaces.

Mounted to a heavy duty pan/tilt mount, the digital camera shoots high quality UHD video at 24 fps and full 1080p video at 60 fps, along with 12mpstill photos. Controls at your fingertips give you the ability to look left/right and up/down to a maximum viewing angle of over 270 degrees! Camera is also WiFi enabled with app controls available for apple or android.

The 5.8ghz based Video Transmitter is power-switchable from 5mw to 600mw for an array of transmitting options, from tight spaces with multiple barriers to wide open, long-range options. With over 72 channels available, the video is easily viewed on the large, 7" diversity receiver/monitor.

Ready to run, The CIR comes with a high quality/high performance NiMH battery and smart charger for the safest, easiest, most effective method of charging and powering your rover.

Even with no previous RC (radio controlled) experience you may quickly become skilled at operating The CIR, with it's easy-to-use functions and high quality, reliable performance.

Although The CIR already comes packed to the hilt with the best components, well-researched and thoroughly tested for their superior merits, we also offer several purchase options to meet the most demanding applications.

Chassis –

· Built and sold by a highly reputable manufacturer, replacement parts and upgrades readily available

· Wide track design provides excellent stability and weight distribution.

· Upgraded speed controller and drive gears manage speed and torque for maximum versatility in tight spaces

Custom made 3D printed body –

· Printed from Carbon-Reinforced Nylon; strongest material available

· High power LED lights turn dark crawlspaces into daytime

· Heavy duty removable roll cage protects the camera and body

· Integrated business card mount for maximum business exposure

· Magnetic removable battery compartment door

Custom made 3D printed monitor mount –

· Printed from Carbon-Reinforced Nylon · Positive ergonomics for easy viewing in multiple positions: holding while standing or laid flat on surfaces

· Easily removed for storage or transport · Interfaces with most standard monitor mountings.

NiMH Battery with Smart Charger –

· High quality/ high performance NIMH battery is safer than Li-Po

· Charger has voltage cutoff and full charge readout for safest operation

· Requires about 2-3 hours charge time

UHD Digital Camera –

· 12 megapixel camera shoots high quality UHD video at 24 fps and full 1080p video at 60 fps, as well as 12mp still photos

· Independent battery provides about 1½ hours record time

· WiFi-enabled with apps available for both Apple and Android

· Integrated SD video memory card (SD card not included)

· Fingertip controls for left/right & up/down to viewing angle of over 270 degrees

Video Transmitter –

· Power level switch-able from 5-600mw

· Accommodates tight spaces with multiple barriers to wide open long-range areas

· Readily accessible to change channels or power levels

· Wired into 12v regulator to avoid signal noise from motors

7” Monitor –

· Easy-to-use buttons for easily changing channels

· Pop-up shade screen for maxi-mum viewing acuity

· Built-in dual antenna diversity receiver keeps signal strength over long distances and through walls and floors

· Independent battery provides 1½ hours display time

Heavy duty Pan-Tilt –

· Integrated into body

· Ultra-strong aluminum shaft with bearings support the camera weight (not a plastic servo horn)

· Low profile or heavy duty options available

Optional Upgrades –

· Metal tracks

· Extra battery

· 4K UHD camera

· FLIR thermal imaging camera - ***Email for pricing